Inferneco is an innovator in the fire lighting sector (ignition category) founded by Managing Director,

 Emmett Hedigan, in Jan 2008, after being presented with a new and unique innovation that would light

any home fire, no matter what fuel was being used.  It ignited faster and produced a fuller fire, than anything previously seen in the market, offering a completely new fire lighting solution. Developing the concept further and after extensive R&D, Inferneco produced prototypes for testing (internally and externally), which demonstrated extraordinary results. Most impressively, it reduced the time for a fire to reach 1 kilowatt of heat from 42 mins to

27 mins.


Under the brand name Firebuilder, the product is made from 100% re-cycled paper waste and has changed the landscape of fire lighting.  Emmett Hedigan has continued to be the driving force in the development of the company from its first fire maker concept to the patented product ready to sell in 2010. Distributed throughout 4 countries, it has currently sold over 6 million units.


InfernEco continue to be innovators in the solid fuel industry, making products from waste material that are better than any other current offering in the solid fuel market.

Fuelling the future

Inferneco ltd.

Fuelling the future. Born in Ireland.

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