Features and Benefits

  • No kindling required
  • Can be used on fires, BBQ’s, chimineas and fire pits
  • The Homefire firebuilder is essentially a firelighter that helps form a fuller fire every time it is used. It is made from recycled cardboard which goes through a paper pulping process to create the thickness in the body to ensure it lasts long enough to ignite the most difficult of fuels, such as smokeless coal or peat briquettes
  • What makes it innovative is that the time it takes to get to 1kw of heat is 27 minutes instead of the industry average of 42 minutes. This is based on the industry standard test that all firelighter manufactures use and is approved by HETAS. Essentially, this means that the fire becomes hot much quicker than any other similar product in the marketplace, thereby using less fuel to extract more energy
  • The product is environmentally friendly. In its production process its raw material consists of recycled waste  paper and cardboard. The product is then coated in a natural candle wax and is odourless and clean             (doesn’t contain kerosene)
  • In Ireland approximately 110 million fires are lit every year of which    more than 75% use a firelighter. Unlike the InfernEco firemaker,          the traditional firelighter is made up of 70% kerosene and 30% water and formaldehyde. 1 kg of kerosene when lit in a firelighter releases 3.2kg of Carbon Dioxide (C02). The potentially toxic effect from using formaldehyde is unknown
  • The various designs and over-arching patent are all based on the principle of supporting the fuel you use for long enough to ignite the fire quickly (no firelighter needed) and controlling the draft to create the optimum fire
  • Each Firebuilder is light (less than 250 grams) convenient to use and easy to handle and forms a quick hot fire
  • It is sold in packs of 5 for Firebuilder and packs of 3 for Firemagic
  • Can light up to 10 fires from one pack of Firebuilder and 6 fires from a box of Firemagic


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